We've been lucky enough to have spent three summers on the Amalfi Coast. As a worldwide favourite summer destination, we've been inspired to collate our greatest tips and of course photographs for those planning a trip here! This location might just be the most photogenic coastline we've ever visited, although it is so much more than that! La dolce vita truly can be found on this golden coastline and it is no surprise that honeymooners and students alike flock to this heavenly part of Italy each year.

We hope you enjoy this short 'where to' guide and photo diary capturing some of our happiest memories!

Where to visit:

Marina Grande Beach is the beach you're thinking of when Positano comes to mind... Needless to say, it is a must visit! If you're spending the day here, we would also recommend embarking on the short cliffside walk that that leads to Fonillo Beach. This is an amazing way to discover even more of Amalfi's Mediterranean beauty in a direction that isn't up.

You're able to hire boats, kayaks and paddle boards from both beaches and we couldn't recommend doing this more! During our first visit we hired kayaks and can confirm that it truly is an incredibly unique way to explore the coastline. There are so many hidden coves and swim spots to explore that are only accessible by the sea and you can check out the mega yachts as you kayak past! More recently, we hired a boat and were able to cover even more ground along the coastline, with a little less physical effort! In any case, both are fantastic options that we'd definitely do again.

Outside of Positano, Marina di Praia is one of our favourite spots to visit along the Amalfi Coast. Only a short bus ride from any of the surrounding towns, this beach offers birds-eye views from atop the nearby cliffs and exudes a much more local vibe than of those beaches in Positano! We'd also suggest allocating a little bit of time to follow the path around the cliffside to discover more secluded beach coves and local drink spots.

Our final recommendation is without a doubt to visit the Isle of Capri. There's far too much to say about Capri so we'll save that for another blog post, although please note how highly we would recommend it. There is a daily ferry running from Positano so if you've got time to spare, it's possible to do a day trip!

Where to stay:
During our time in Positano we've experienced two ends of the affordability spectrum. In 2015, we stayed in Hostel Briskette, a hostel that far surpassed our expectations! This location had stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean and we couldn't recommend it more to those traveling on a budget. However, If you're looking to splurge, we'd suggest staying at Hotel Villa Rosa, a luxurious hotel where most rooms overlook Marina Grande Beach. This hotel is conveniently located in the bustling heart of town, although you should keep in mind that wherever you stay, you'll be doing some walking!

Where to eat/drink:
You absolutely must stop by Franco's Bar for an Aperol Spritz (or three) to enjoy stunning views of Marina Grande Beach and the vertiginous pastel villas of which Positano is so famous for. We'd suggest grabbing a table no later than 8:30pm to secure the perfect spot for the golden hour!

Our favourite seaside restaurant was Restaurant L'Incanto. This place has it all, whether you're seeking a romantic dinner or a post-swim beverage, you'll be treated to an all Italian alfresco experience. Another great restaurant, if you're looking for a local and affordable meal, is Ristorante La Marinella. Located on Fornillo Beach, we have fond memories of indulging in a large bowl of Pesce alla Marinara coupled with some local vino bianco here!

Where to party:
If, like us, you enjoy dancing the night away on vacation, we'd strongly recommend Music on the Rocks (named Rada during the day). For a club-style experience, we'd suggest Africana Famous Club. This is an amazing place, where sections of glass floor show off the glowing blue grotto underneath the dance floor.

To sign off, we'd like to confirm that wherever you decide to visit, stay, eat/ drink and party, you're guaranteed to have an amazing time. Happy holiday planning!

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